Welcome to ISBITM 2025!!!

The ISBITM conference aims to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas on the latest international business innovation developments in the field of management among researchers and practitioners in universities and industries, and to seek opportunities for collaboration among the participants. The conference is expected to foster networking, collaboration and joint effort among the conference participants to advance the theory and practice as well as to identify major trends in Business Innovation and Circular Economy. The ISBITM conferences have been very successful in attracting participations from all over the world. Currently, there are European BITM, African BITM and Asia Pacific BITM for our regional development.


Important Dates
  1. Submission Deadline of Abstract May 31, 2025
  2. Notification of Acceptance June 5, 2025
  3. Editorial Meetings (by invitation) August 11, 2025
  4. PostDoc Workshop (by selection) August 08, 2025
  5. Welcome Cocktail August 08, 2025
  6. Conference Dinner August 10, 2025
  7. Conference Date Aug. 08-11, 2025 

The ISBITM  paper Submission Steps
●Go to the Registration page
●Click on the "REGISTER NOW"bottum
●Fill your real and Email
●Receive the registration letter in your mailbox
●Click on the Activation link 
●Go to the Login page and enter ID and password
●Download the Submission Template
●Click on the Upload bottum
●Key the information and upload your summary and full text files
●Save and complete steps